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The Curious, Idle Cluster by Booths On DNA Research

Cantabrigians of all shapes, sizes and genetic make-ups came to see the pro-con booths on recombinant DNA research Saturday at

New History of an Old People

A FRIEND OF MINE is doing some research in the archive in Ferrara, Italy, aimed at finding out more about

Pound: The Poet and the Fascist

I T DOESN'T TAKE much to begin to understand what Ezra Pound was like. He and Ernest Hemingway were good--if

Guess You Had to Be There

W ELL INTO TOTS IN TINSELTOWN the pariah-to-parvenu actors and actresses--the tots in Hollywood--sit around a barren movie set, pink

The Crowd Pleasers

T WO DAYS AGO the Real Paper released a poll conducted by a University of New Hampshire political science class

Out of the Trenches

E VERY DAY our lives are infected with war in one or another of its many manifestations. If you read

Cautious Jewish Hopefulness

I T IS SAID that when Isaac Bashevis Singer came to Harvard last year to give a reading from his

Blinding the All-Seeing Gods

T HERE'S NOTHING much new about Peter Shaffer's Equus than hasn't already been said long ago when it was first

The Future of Spain

I N THE FALL of 1951, as the Cold War stepped up and the Truman Doctrine thawed U.S. relations with