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Just Say No to a Class Gift

T HEY sit next to you in class. They eat next to you in the dining halls. They even use

Thank God for Hot Dogs

W ANDERING about Harvard Square in search of cheap eats can be a demoralizing experience, especially for those afflicted with

Freedom of Choice

I N essence, the masters' new plan tries to balance diversity against free choice. But these two ideals, as we

Big Labor Blues

T HE University made an extremely unwise move in deciding to drop its appeal against the Harvard Union of Clerical

Decide to Appeal

O F course Harvard has a legal right to appeal Judge Harmatz's decision, just as the union had a legal

Marshals of the Resume Parade

A senior at Harvard has many oppressive duties to undertake, but the most onerous of them must be voting. Not


V ISIONS of godzilla-sized mutant mice rampaging through America's cities may sound ridiculous, but it is irrational fears such as

Ties and Takeovers Don't Mix

D IVESTMENT protesters Sunday should have chanted: "hey, hey, ho, ho, Board of Overseers-Corporation joint committee with an undetermined constitution

Freeing Our Arms in Honduras

A s the Sandinistas and the contras sat down this week for their first face-to-face meeting at Sapoa, Nicaragua, they