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A Wolfe in Gentlemen's Clothing

And now the novel...The blockbuster, the apogee of any writing career--putting together words, glorious words and making a veritable film

Roaches: Nuisance or Science?

Louis M. Roth does not have to go looking all over the world for his specimens--they come to him, usually

Delusions of Grandeur

The Ruling Class Written by Peter Barnes Directed by Andrew Watson At the Loeb Mainstage Through this weekend T HERE'S

Visions of Sugarplums

I remember the tree. When you're five years old, a tree that has real pine needles and grows to be

Out in the Cold

I T MAY HAVE been chilly outside two nights ago, but it was positively cold in my room. Over in

The Student and Faculty Voice

In 1886 Ephraim Whitney Gurney, a professor of history and Corporation member, died. His death marked the end of an

Bennett Calls College Drug Policy Too Lax

Secretary of Education William J. Bennett yesterday renewed his call for a crackdown on drug abuse on college campuses, singling

Protester Will Face Ad Board, Not CRR

One of the two undergraduates arrested by the Cambridge police for her actions at a divestment protest two weeks ago

. . . Others Take Different Tack

Brown University has had a dean for chemical dependency for about 10 years. His job: to discuss students' drug and

Harvard Purchases 30 More Macintoshes

The University will receive 30 new Macintoshes next week which will be available exclusively for word processing use, officials announced

The Dance Before The Game

If you're looking for The Place to go before The Game, the undergraduate 350th Committee just may have The Event

Students Visit Harvard's Grave

CHARLESTOWN--It was 350 years ago today that the general court of Massachusetts voted to approve the establishment of a small

Today 350th Anniversary Of Founding of Harvard

The University celebrated it in September, the College celebrated it two weeks ago, but today is it--the 350th anniversary of

University To Buy 30 Additional Macintoshes

The College has decided to purchase 30 additional Macintosh computers for general student use--including word processing--and should have the machines

Bok, Others Criticize Secretary

President Derek C. Bok yesterday attacked a speech by Secretary of Education William J. Bennett, saying that in delivering the