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Anita Loos: a Woman in a Man's World

Anita Loos By Gary Carey New York Alfred A. Knopf $24.95 A NITA Loos was a Hollywood oddity, a silent

Going Great Guns

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! Written by Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Pat Proft

Old Racism, New Victims

A SIAN-AMERICANS used to be called "Orientals." During World War II, some were incarcerated in camps. Still, in 1988, American

The Black Sheep of the Family

T ELEVISION'S role in this year's election has been much discussed. The significance of "sound bites" and "spin doctors" has

Stomping on Individualism

R EEBOKS are just shoes. Unless you believe the new Reebok ad campaign which depicts them as symbols for American

All My Brain and Body Need

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll Conceived by Eric Bogosian At the American Repertory. Theatre Through October 8 W ITH all

Deep Breathing

C RITICS often refer to Ann Tyler as a "domestic" novelist. Her novels generally deal with families, with relationships and

Rebels Without a Clue

Running on Empty Written by Naomi Foner Directed by Sidney Lumet At the USA Harvard Square R UNNING on Empty

Choice of a Pop Generation

I T is a tense night in the Bush camp as George and some key advisers wait for the call