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Harvard's War Correspondents

(Mr. Glassman is a reporter for the Boston Herald Traveler; he was Managing Editor of the CRIMSON in 1968.) DEMONSTRATIONS

A History of Our Class

(This article, and the one on the next page, represent two views of the Harvard class of 1969. They appeared

Kill Yale

(The following article first appeared on the morning of the Harvard-Yale game) H ARVARD, if you will remember, was supposed

A History of Our Class

I N THE old days its was arty to say that you went to school not only to learn things

Money From Congress

IN A PIECE in the CRIMSON Supplement last Wednesday, I pointed out that the federal government has become the largest

A Report on the Future of the University

For everyone miffed about what's happening to their university: for the last 20 years tenured professors have been accepting large

On Action and the Reasons for It

1 "...it is absolutely necessary that rebellion find its reasons within itself, since it cannot find them elsewhere." --Camus, The

Soc Rel 148-149

T HE CHAIRMAN of the Social Relations Department says he wants Soc Rel 148 and 149 dropped from next year's

The Washington Monthly

I F THIS COUNTRY is falling apart, no one feels more guilty about it then the liberal journalist. He feels