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The Cult of Mediocrity

L AST WEEK'S New Republic launched a powerful bazooka blast at the heart of Brown University's educational system; the article

Remembering Their Harvard Experience

A large body, clad in bullet belt and spiky hair came flying over my head. I ducked, but too late.

Poor Form

Nine and a Half Weeks Directed by Adrian Lyne At the USA Charles 9 1/2 WEEKS --how shall I call

The Crimson's Hubris

W HEN FRENCH playwright Jean Genet wrote The Balcony he noted that the best way to portray true good in

Opportunity Knocks for Dems

I TEM: AS THE Reagan Administration's "constructive engagement" policy continues to crumble, conservatives are now scrambling to find a way

An Elementary Holmes

S pielberg went to outer space. Spielberg went to Egypt. Spielberg went to suburbia. Now, drunk with success and hubris,

Cheap Thrills

I T IS A CHEAP thrill, but a thrill nonetheless, to watch conservatives flail about on the issue of U.S.-South

Prof Took 2nd CIA Grant

A Harvard professor who says he accepted a $50,000 Central Intelligence Agency grant without informing the University, as rules require,

An Insider's Election?

T WO DECADES AGO, when Teddy White was still more than a Jap-and gay-baiting retrograde, his campaign books constituted a