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A Drinking Man's Guide to Cambridge

B EFORE NOON, Cambridge is not a comfortable town to drink in. But, making it past that hour, it is

Dwight on the Town

When people first found out I was going trout fishing in New Hampshire, they told me I ought to check

Dwight on the Town

"Where is the baseline?" "There isn't one." "What do you mean, there isn't one?" "The goddamned court is so worn

The Name of the Game

M OST PEOPLE are not really worth talking or writing about. The people who are the subjects of Time Inc.'s

The Dangling Conversationalist

B EACH'S OLD GIRL friend kept trying to tell him about her first day at boarding school, what she had

Partners In Rhyme

There once was a prosperous lawyer A trust-laden corporate Tom Sawyer The thrust of his life, Was not to his

Cutting the Old School Tie

B EACH BEGAN TO worry about the impression he was making on the freshman woman his roommate had dated on

I'd Rather French-Kiss the Blob

T HE HASTY PUDDING Show is the kind of thing that lives on its precedents, since no post-Freudian group of

Heat On The Summer School

The heat from last summer was still on Thomas E. Crooks '49, director of the Summer School, this week. A