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British Expert Says Research Has Not Reduced Cancer Rate

Despite large expenditures on cancer research, more people die from cancer now than ever before, a leading British cancer researcher

Nozick, Walzer Predict Jews Will Focus on Jewish Issues

Jewish professors at Harvard will probably spend more time examining Jewish issues in coming years, Robert Nozick, professor of Philosophy,

B&G to Buy Four Buses For New Fleet

The Department of Buildings and Grounds (B&G) will replace its fleet of four shuttle buses by next year and solicit

Students Plan 'Group-Oriented' Games To Ease Freshman Week Adjustment

Ten upperclassmen are planning an afternoon of "group-oriented" games for Freshman Week designed to help the entering class become better

Somerville Rent Control Ends; Tenants Await Court Decision

An ordinance ending rent control in Somerville went into effect Thursday, although four Somerville residents are awaiting action in Middlesex

Swimmers Win Big Harvard Trounces Penn, 70-41

Flight delays kept Crimson coach Joe Bernal from ever reaching Philadelphia in time for Saturday's dual swim meet against Pennsylvania;

Survey of Professors Reports Harvard Has Best Departments

A newly-released portion of a nationwide survey shows that 47 per cent of responding college Faculty members list a Harvard

Restricted Enrollment Courses Turn Away Many Students

Professors and lecturers in many of the approximately 190 limited enrollment courses offered for undergraduates this term said yesterday that

SAC Asks University Officials To Rename Engelhard Library

Six members of the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Institute of Politics yesterday asked University officials to reconsider its