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Sedaris' Barrel Overflows With Fun

I first came across David Sedaris' name in a collection of "alternative new queer writing" edited by novelist Dennis Cooper

Thief, Hustler, National Treasure

Genet: A Biography By Edmund White Knopf, $35 P erhaps more than any other writer of this century, Jean Genet

M(oronic) Butterfly

Directed by David Cronenberg; starring Jeremy Irons and John Lone; Warner Brothers; Rated R I n "M. Butterfly," East meets

Civil Rights, Not Civilization

R espected government professor and resident Harvard whiner Harvey Mansfield recently delivered his judgement of homosexuals: they are "irresponsible," "unhappy,"

Cirque du Soleil Offers A Vision of a Better Bigtop

Cirque du Soleil's Saltimbanco at Fan Pier through October 3 T here are moments during Cirque du Soleil's "Saltimbanco" when

Parties and Poetry

City Poet: The Life and Times of Frank O' Hara by Brand Goch Random House Press, 30.00 Frank O'Hara's short

Bernhard's Second Book Mostly Cold, Haphazard Vignettes

"Love is the only shocking fact left on the fact of the earth," Sandra Bernhard declares near the beginning of

Middle Passages

I n Caryl Phillips' work, people are rarely at home. Caribbean citizens go to England in search of employment; British

Pedro Almodovar Offers A Funny, Flaming 'Desire'

"Law of Desire," the last film Pedro Almodovar made before his international hit "Women on the Verge of a Nervous

Brutal Facts, Beautiful Fiction

W riting and mourning seem like naturally inimical activities. How does one attain the detachment necessary to write while still

Sex, Violence and Cigarettes on the Seine

In 1983, Richard Gere and Valeric Kaprisky starred in a silly movie named "Breathless." Gere plays a preening L.A. thief,

Obligation: Rodriguez's Tortured Identity

Days of Obligation: An Argument with My Mexican Father by Richard Rodriguez Viking Penguin, $21.00 Ten years ago, Richard Rodriguez

Richard Rodriguez Grumbles about Life

In addition to the stark world view he presents in his latest literary offering Days of Obligation, Richard Rodriguez had

Scholars Debate Responsibility

Six prominent Black academics heatedly debated the role of the intellectual in Black communities at a packed ARCO Forum last

Traviata Makes Light of Life's Calamities

The Lisbon Traviata by Terrence McNally directed by lngrid Sonnichsen at The New Repertory Theatre through December 13 "Opera doesn't