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'Cliffe Council Members Favor RGA Constitution

Four members of the Radcliffe College Council indicated last night that the governing board will approve the Government Association's constitution

'Cliffe Names 32 Women To New Institute

The Radcliffe Institute for Independent Study will expand from 22 members this year to 32 in 1962-63, Constance E. Smith,

East House Hears Mrs. Roosevelt On Politics, Peace Marches, Morals

Eleanor Roosevelt visited East House at Radcliffe Friday night and answered a barrage of questions on topics ranging from nuclear

Unofficial Vote by R.G.A. Endorses Change in Rules

In an unofficial roll-call vote yesterday the Radcliffe Government Association strongly approved the Rules Committee's proposal to allow any student

Cliffe College Council Delays Approval of RGA

Radcliffe College Council yesterday action on the Government constitution and by-laws . The delay means that the RGA will to

'Cliffe Hikes Board Rates, Room Rents

Radcliffe College will raise room and board rates by nearly nine per cent for the 1962-63 academic year. The annual

'Cliffe Buys Apartment House for Dorm

Radcliffe College yesterday purchased the apartment building at 124 Walker St., between Cabot and Comstock Halls, for use as an

Cliffies Favor Abolishing Curfew

Radcliffe undergraduates have voted in favor of allowing students freshman year to sign out till , in a College-wide opinion

Committee Head Says RGA Not Pushing Rules Change

The chairman of the Rules Committee of the Radcliffe Government Association yesterday denied that steam-roller tactics are being used to