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ART in Retrospect: Textual Ethics

I N HIS LATEST BOOK, Making Scenes. Robert S. Brustein, director of the American Repertory Theater (ART), describes how he

The Trouble of Being Born

B EAUMARCHAIS plotted his Figaro as a maze of sexual conflict, class warfare and social satire. For those traveling this

Where Politics and Emotion Meet

A T THE BEGINNING of Talley's Folly, it looks like Lanford Wilson has set out to illustrate a most commonplace

Singspiel in the Subway

M OZART'S MAGIC FLUTE , that innocently expansive, made-up fairy tale cut with slices of Masonic mysticism, is probably the

City of Blight

I N Atlantic City, the East Coast's first legalized gambling paradise takes form on screen as a sore on the

The Real Issue

W E ARE in fundamental agreement with the majority--the military draft is unnecessary, and more importantly counterproductive, a display of

The Roar of the Greasepaint

The Pudding Hasty Pudding: a mixture of corn meal mush, spiced with salt, and served steaming with milk and molasses.

A Statutory Drama

L OLITA HAS BECOME a sort of under-aged siren for the creators of stage and screen, luring writers and directors

No 'Harumphs'

L EE BREUER is directing a rehearsal for the American Repertory Theater production of Lulu . It is less than

Brecht in Boldface

P RESENTING a show with the full title The Seven Deadly Sins of the Lower Middle Class to a Cambridge/Loeb

CRR, Again and Again

E ACH NEW GENERATION of undergraduates learns the hard way about the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities (CRR). With the

Tunes of Glory

ED B ETWEEN ROCK AND ROLL and military music there has always existed a clandestine kinship that neither relation would

Hung in Public

D IRTY LINEN CLINGS to the American stage more pertinaciously than any other Tom Stoppard play--as if hanging on for

Midsummer Journey

T HE AMERICAN REPERTORY THEATER has moved Alvin Epstein's shimmeringly baroque Midsummer Night's Dream downtown, but no artistic departures accompany

Messing With Major Tom

T HERE ARE PUBLIC FIGURES whose magnetism attracts all the uncharged particles of hostility in the world and gives them