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Moldy Melodramas

T HE GOOD NEWS IS: the genre melodrama in all its variety is making a comeback in American film. Yes,

In Search of 'Zabriskie Point'

MICHAELANGELO Antonioni's Zabrickie Point, crucified by the nation. I press as the naive product of questionable motives, is not as

John Ford Retrospective

T HE TASK of writing critically about John Ford is made considerably easier now that several battles need no longer

three New Westerns

W E ARE BESET by a crop of western about extremely competent people. In Sam Whiskey, a dreary little film

Targets and Inga

P ETER BOGDANOVICH'S Targets, a low-budget oddity of considerable merit, snuck into Boston last week on the bottom half of

Ice Station Zebra

I CE STATION ZEBRA doesn't afford much cause for complaint: its faults are all small and obvious, as are its


T HERE MAY HAVE been a picture once in Shalako, but it got lost somewhere along the line. Its premise--European


M OVIES that include quotes from other movies generally run afoul when the excerpted film makes its showcase suffer by

Yellow Submarine

A MIDST the plastic flora and fauna of Disneyland, a small and inconspicuous pavilion called The Art of Animation offers

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas and The Young Runaways

A LTHOUGH no particular reason exists to get upset about I Love You, Alice B. Toklas, a sombre little comedy


Everyman is such an incredible kick, and so much color and so many ideas explode so often and so well,

Troilus and Cressida

There are two basic ways to do pedestrian Shakespeare. One could be described as the old-fashioned heavy classical method the

Claude Chabrol's The Champagne Murders

In Fritz Lang's Fury, twenty-two members of a lynch mob on trial for their lives, presumably cleared by the perjured

The Bride Wore Black

The influence of the magnificent Alfred Hitchcock is easily discernible in countless films, and impossible to avoid in those of

The Balcony

Most Harvard theatregoers remember at least one night when they stood outside the entrance door to a house production at