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Wagner's Wyndham Lewis: The Artist as the Enemy

Just before the opening of the first World War, Percy Wyndham Lewis (who chose to drop his first name) grouped

On the Shelf

The perverse impulses of the human spirit to create sheer ugliness have never, unhappily, been easily checked, and the desecration

Morrison Novel Sees Human Problems As Pivotal to Dilemma of Atomic Age

In the age of the atom, man has suddenly found in his hands the power to destroy or recreate his

Conrad Aiken Revivifies "Mr. Arcularis"

In his introduction to this dramatized version of Mr. Arcularis, Conrad Aiken traces its origins back to his remembrance of

A Backward Glance At Wilson's Mind

Despite its title, Edmund Wilson presents several pieces of his mind in this latest work, and some of them are

The Golden Apple

We almost missed the balloon landing, but the rest of the show was exciting enough to make up for it.

i.e. The Cambridge Review

Blazing garishly in a speckled yellow cover, the fifth issue of i.e. is large not only in bulk (152 pp.)

'Love Suffereth Long . .'

For Eugene O'Neill the writing of Long Day's Journey Into Night was a purgation: in it he has faced ghosts

Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman, with its outstanding reputation so recently made on Broadway, is a highly ambitious undertaking for an