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Veritas, and a President, Unveiled

I F A "PARTING SHOT" is a "last word," these, then, might well be termed my "closing remarks." With my

Not a Case of Good vs. Evil

As it seeks to rightly censure Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev for his violent actions against the people of Latvia and

Afro-Am Beginning To Narrow Searches

Three months after Harvard launched a major push for Afro-Am faculty hiring, seven departments have identified short lists for untenured

The High-Stakes World of Foundation Dollars

Economic tides may have the most obvious impact on higher education giving. But for social scientists seeking research support, windshifts

About Your Final Club

M Y DEAR friend, Yesterday morning you joined a final club. And since I wasn't entirely straightforward with you when

Afro-Am Activists Challenge Rosovsky

Even before the first chimes of the Memorial Church bells, a ringing cry from more than 60 students tolled through

The Purity of Baseball

Now that the World Series is over, we can get back to the real business of baseball. As a New

University Falls Prey To Economic Malaise

The nation's richest university fell prey to a nationwide climate of economic malaise this week, as Harvard joined the swelling

Rosovsky Calls for 6% Budget Cut

Facing a bleak national economy and projected fundraising delays, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) must cut almost $3