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Meditation on Tradition

For many years, the pealing of the bell in the Memorial Church tower was the lone, solemn sound signifying completion

Reflections on Protesting

By Benjamin J. Toff Like so many other students and activists, workers and professionals, I went to New York for

A Tax Proposal Destined to Fall Flat

If Al Gore would’ve said anything to get elected, then maybe George W. Bush’s key to victory is not to

Why I'll Be in New York

TUCSON, Ariz.—Dear President Bush: Ten years from now, I do not want to live in a world of random violence

My Last Picture Show

I’m nostalgic for an era I never knew. Not just any era, but (even more absurd, I know) an era

My Last Picture Show

I’m nostalgic for an era I never knew. Not just any era, but (even more absurd, I know) an era

Asking for Help at Harvard

Living in a community that has endured two apparent suicides over the past year and a half, I have at

Out of Touch, But Not out of Office

The Bush-Cheney reelection website contains an ingenious propaganda device allowing supporters to piece together letters to the editors of their

Statues of Victory, Shadows of War

The images of impassioned Iraqis taking sledgehammers to a statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad flooded the airwaves on

Will Students Be Forced to Dance in the Streets?

Harvard dancers have begun a letter-writing campaign because in less than three years, the primary dance performance and rehearsal space


Brand W. Shows True Colors

We’ve all known for years Republicans are capitalist bourgeois pigs, but this week I finally stumbled upon verifiable proof in



The Color of Complacency This week, the Bush administration decided to lower the terror alert level to “yellow” from “orange.”


Saddam 2, Bush(es) 0

Last week, in an impassioned speech before the United Nations, President Bush called on Iraq to comply with international resolutions


Playing Mom for a Month

DENVER—If there is one lesson from my youth that has haunted me this summer, it’s that Mom is always right.

The Advertising Invasion

I was, of all things, using the facilities at a sushi bar in San Francisco when I had a realization.