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A good screenwriter can invent a story and imbue it with life such that—no matter how implausible the plot may

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BE COOL Be Cool is the most ironically named movie since What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Crass commercialism rarely

Bride and Prejudice Review

I’ve never been to India, but I desperately want to go. It’s a land of luscious pageantry, beautiful beaches, and

WWII Film Sees Full Release

You walk into a room, take a seat and, when the lights go down, you are whisked away to a

Film Review

Directed by Trey Parker Paramount Pictures In case you haven’t noticed, the ’80s are back. Our clothes are tighter,

Movie Review

Very much reminiscent of The Big Chill, The Barbarian Invasion is a story of the lives and ideals of a

iTuning In To Free Music

In an Arts column published in The Crimson this September, Dan P. Gilmore ’05 concluded that “it’s time to start

Film Review

On paper, Kill Bill sounds dangerously close to Charlie’s Angels: there are many martial arts action sequences, all of the

Aislers Set Break Through With New Headlining Tour

After spending years opening for other bands, the Aislers Set finally have their first headlining gig. The San Francisco band