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William J. Shapiro is a retired obstetrician who now lives alongside a golf course in a gated community like so

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A classic flaw that plagues the memoir genre is that of self-indulgence. The writer certainly has the authority to relate

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What’s the difference between the stars of the two biggest movies opening this weekend? One is an inanimate object (National

Balkan Feast

“Sabur” is a word tantalizingly close to meaning “yummy” in just about any language, although in Bosnian it means “relax.”

Arts First Through the Years

Arts First Associate Project Manager Ingrid Schorr wants to know who “doesn’t need a celebration.” “I think that’s the key

A Grand (Prose) Slam

Kublai Khan might have built a pleasure dome in Xanadu—but Jim Weatherall ’05 and Runal Mehta ’03-’04 have their own

Adams Presents Artistic Afrostraction

Based on its name, it would be natural to think that “Afrostraction,” last week’s show in the Adams House Art

Memoir Resurrects Ghosts of Harvard’s Past

Jay Cantor ’70 says that “nine-tenths of the people in your Harvard class who are acting like self-important little monsters