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Sir Roy Bankrolls the Arts or Why Britishers Saw Nicholas Nickleby for $8

C RITICS CHARGE THAT government subsidies for the arts in this country are laughable beside Great Britain's--and laughably administered. And,

'The Pity of It,' Iago

A NYONE CLAMORING for more "traditional Shakespeare after all the radical artsy-fartsiness in these part should zip over to the

Predictable Pratfalls

S LAPSTICK JUST DOESN'T WORK unless it's performed by people who can make you believe they are in continuous conflict

Something of a Middlebrow

I T IS A GARISH, cosmic nightclub, the figures on the floor drug-addled, lobotomized, throwing each other over, punching each


W ORD GOT AROUND last week after Aladdin 's messy opening night that the show resembled a high school pageant,

By Indirection

K AGEMUSHA begins with a simple tableau: a Japanese feudal lord, Shingen (Tatsya Nakada), sits in the center of the

So Far Away

T HERE IS A fundamental miscalculation in the new production of Uncle Vanya --the distance it puts us from the

Progress Report

J OHN SAYLES made The Return of the Secaucus Seven for his resume. He filmed it for $60,000 in 25

The Monsters Within Us

W HEN COMMERCIALS for Humanoids from the Deep splashed across television screens last spring--with scaly black creatures clawing at curvaceous