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Council Debates Rugby Grant, Heckling Policy

In its final meeting this spring, the Undergraduate Council last night became tangled in the sort of procedural arguments that

Reflecting On the 1969 Student Strike

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the 1969 student takeover of University Hall, an event that shook the Harvard community

Keeping An Eye on the Children

T HE ELECTION of Ronald Reagan in 1980 signalled a full-scale attack on the needs and benefits of groups with

Council to Sponsor Concert Featuring Rock Band R.E.M.

The Undergraduate Council last night tentatively agreed to sponsor a spring benefit concert at the Bright Hockey Center featuring the

Keeping a Low Profile

TODAY is a day of rest for the 1984 Presidential candidates. The frantic handshaking and phone-calling has all but ceased;

Council Cash

The Undergraduate Council last night considered a recommendation of the group's communications and finance committee that the council distribute more

Council Discusses Improving Contact With Undergraduates

In an unusually short and uncontroversial meeting the Undergraduate Council last right turned its attention inwards and examined the relationship

Council May Continue Dispute Over University Copier Bill

The undergraduate Council and College officials reached a tentative compromise last month over a copying bill dispute, but council officers

Lyss Likely to Be Reelected; Council's First Two-Term Chair

Tomorrow night's election for chairman of the Undergraduate Council will probably not be hotly contested, according to Council representatives, since