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Undergraduates angry about B. A. A. allotments--Crimson Harvard men are mad as crickets Popping up from all the thickets Piping,

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"Legong begins where Sally Rand leaves off," said a New York columnist, stating a half-truth. For the current film at

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The chief impression that we carried away from Steamboat Round the Bend was that it should have been much more

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You rarely see a more nicely balanced program than the present double feature at the University. The Dark Angel, which

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China Seas, the tropical thriller now playing at the University, opens with a shot of Captain Clark Gable reeling home

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Herbert Marshall hasn't done anything as refreshing as "Accent on Youth" since the halcyon days of "Trouble in Paradise" with

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There is no more sensitive actress in Hollywood than Miss Hepburn, and her portrayal of Alice Adams is an apt

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I hate Loew's State, I hate the Met, I hate the Paramount News; And I'd rather have fleas in my

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Cecil B. De Mille's latest brian child, "The Crusades," has just moved into the Majestic for an indefinite run with