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Survey Stresses Student-Faculty Contact

Last Monday the University officially released an impressive 133-page self-criticism called the "Report on Advising in Harvard College." Mixed-up world

'Student's View' Helps University Form Policy

(A student committee is now engaged in revising the Student Council's constitution. Through all the recent agitation for Council revision

Shapley Denies Charges By McCarthys, Dorgan

"Hysterical nonsense" was the phrase used by Harlow Shapley yesterday in describing charges of Communism that have been made against

Shapley Unfit to Teach, Two Local Officials Say

Charges against Harlow Shapley, Director of the College Observatory, moved from a national to a local level yesterday when a

College Acts to Solve Scholarship Problem

The Scholarship Committee has received more financial aid applications for next year than it has for any other year in

University Groups Join To Fight NROTC Oath

Agitation for the elimination of loyalty oath requirements for Navy ROTC students spread Saturday afternoon when representatives of five Harvard

Council Group Plans to 'Personalize' Education

A program to help "bring education down to the houses" through more informal academic relations among students and instructors was