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From Soft Soap to Scouring Pads

The recent outbreaks of anti-Semitism in Russia and the satellites are not a manifestation of some new Soviet policy. Exigencies

Hygiene Cures Ills and Has Its Own

Eighty years ago if a student collapsed in his room he could lie there and die before the University took

Little's Office Shepherds Hundreds of Dignitaries, Diplomats, Foreign Educators Through University

The small oriental gentleman was late for his appointment. More than that he was frightened. This maze of steam pipes

Teachers Protest Bar Of Anti-Commie Prof.

For one whom the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists tags "Britain's leading anti-communist scholar", Michael Polanyi is having a lot of

Guns Ablaze In Texas

Tom Lea is fast nosing out Zane Grey as king of the Cowboys. This latest mesquite and tumbleweed opus offers

100 on Faculty Backing Stevenson in Globe Ad

Over 100 faculty members have already contributed to a newspaper advertisement endorsing Adlai Stevenson for President, and at least twice

Genius Reconsiders

"Arrow in the Blue" is a puzzling book. Often it seems to leave the realm of autobiography to become an

Island Rescue and Ivory Hunters

Would you risk certain death at the hands of the Nazi's to rescue a pregnant cow? Would you toss away

Grad. School of Education Drops One Plan; Adopts Administration Idea

This year's four fellows at, the Graduate School of Education will be the last, as the old nemesis, lack of