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"The Legend of William Tell," on view next Wednesday at the Fine Arts, is a beautifully photographed, interestingly presented, but

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A ll who are anticipating intensive study during the coming months would do well to avail themselves of two dollars

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M R. SHEEAN has written one of the most important books in post-war journalism. Commencing with remarkably incisive comments on

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M R. GATHORNE-HARDY has written an admirably condensed yet complete summary of international affairs during the years 1920 through 1934.

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F OR an understanding of the circumstances surrounding the coming Saar plebiscite, scheduled for Sunday, January 13, Mr. Florinsky's book

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J AMES HILTON is rapidly establishing a place for himself in the forefront of English novelists. Two of his latest

Rehabilitation of War-Shocked Love

I N the tale of homely people whose lives touch and intertwine through their proximity to each other in that


It is well-nigh impossible to imagine a more interesting document than Viscount Bryce's posthumously published "Memories of Travel." As the


"Enter Madame" at the St. James Theatre this week can best be characterized as a study in temperament. It deals