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The Poet of People

"After the play," says William Alfred, a Teaching Fellow in English, "some people felt that they could talk to me

The Advocate

Something new in the Advocate, an editorial, attacks a prime stigma of our generation--a lack of moral attitude. Although the

Ballet Theatre

Igor Youskevitch took up dancing at the age of twenty-four and, within a decade, has become the foremost classical ballet

Realm of A. MacLeish

Unlike painters, most contemporary poets are active in public affairs. William Carlos Williams and Wallace Stevens, to mention a few,

Behind Tito's Curtain

From Austria, only a massive range of mountains and a four-dollar visa (easily obtainable) separate the American citizen from Yugoslavia.

Stranger In Between

In his latest release, J. Arthur Rank has chosen a murderer and a little boy as the core of a

The Advocate

Considering the few pages which the editors of the Advocate allow themselves in each issue, it is unusual to find


In his introduction to the movie script of Orpheus, Jean Cocteau says, "in this film there is neither symbol nor

Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet

After seeing its opening performance Monday, I cannot help comparing the Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet with its parent group which