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Do Students Need More Oversight?

A Harvard report on teaching undergraduates released this week made quite a splash nationally. The study, which was featured on

Council Reps Meet With CUE

Representatives of the Undergraduate Council told the Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE) yesterday that over the next semester it should

Staff Naive

A S THE inteilectual, economic and political bankruptcy of communism has become apparent in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union,

John Kerry Visits Study Group

Until the U.S. is certain the government of South African President F.W. de Klerk will take further steps towards breaking

Professors Debate Active Recruitment of Faculty

With views ranging from the rejection of Affirmative Action to the endorsement of bolstering the role of minority and women

Second Year Of AWARE To Begin Tonight

Harvard will kick off its second annual AWARE (Actively Working Against Racism and Ethnocentrism) Week this evening, but this time,

House Speaker to Modify Tax Bill

After consulting with key Democratic lawmakers, House Speaker George Keverian '53 (D-Everett) yesterday said he would modify a controversial new

Virus Hits K-School Computers

The staff of the student computer laboratory at the Kennedy School of Government discovered a computer virus Monday that damaged

Ecuadoran V.P. Speaks on Debt

Lending institutions must compromise with Latin American governments to resolve the international debt crisis, the vice president of Ecuador told