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Faculty Tempted by Perks at Other Schools

T wo months ago, an economics professor named Robert J. Barro almost left Harvard for Columbia and $300,000 a year--supposedly

Quiet Financial Aid Battle an Experiment Before Fall Policy Change

L eslie A. Munoz '02 was hooked on Harvard. But Byerly Hall needed an extra $2,000 to reel her in.

Jiang Zemin Visits Harvard, Sparks Protests

H is advisers warned him against visiting Harvard, but Chinese President Jiang Zemin insisted on speaking at the nation's oldest

Harvard Hosts Prominent Chinese Dissidents

A pair of high-profile Chinese dissidents--officially released from prison for medical reasons--passed through Harvard this year to share their experiences

Media Mogul Decherd Places Principles Above Profits

It's perfectly ordinary and nearly expected for a family man to carry on the family business. But in the family

Recently Freed Chinese Dissident Calls for Support of Democracy

Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng pleaded for unity among supporters of China's overseas democracy movement in a half-hour long speech at

Tiananmen's Leader Champions Freedom

Wang Dan, the recently-released Chinese dissident and student leader of the 1989 Tiananmen Square demonstrations, visited America's oldest university yesterday,

Area Programs Pick Up in Wake of Welfare

In a classroom filled with a steady, affirmative murmur of "mmm-hmm's" punctuated by the occasional shout of "You go, girlfriend!"

Elizabeth Dole Will Address Kennedy School Graduates on Class Day

Elizabeth Dole, president of the American Red Cross and wife of 1996 Republican presidential candidate Robert J. Dole, will give