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The Weird Kid In The Classroom

Mrs. Sorken Presents written by Christopher Durang directed by R. J. Cutler and Wesley Savick at the Hasty Pudding Theater

The Coens Raise a Little Cain

I F RAISING Arizona had been made only three only years ago, you'd likely be standing in line tonight to

How Do I Hate Thee?

M ANY, MANY YEARS ago, while Sally Field still flew over the bell towers of San Juan, Burt Reynolds appeared

On Film

W ILL VINTON started out smail, an unknown with a lotta heart and guts to spare. His first effort, crude,

Curtain Call:

A NDREI SERBAN has staged an average of one production of season for the American Repertory Theatre--more than any other

Theatre Like It Oughta Be

Awake and Sing Written by Clifford Odets Directed by Ben Levit At the Huntington Theatre Company O PPOSITES, apparently, do

Over the Rambo

Platoon Written and directed by Oliver Stone At the USA Paris W RITER MICHAEL HERR finished up his psychedelic memoir

Why Bother

I F ALL THE PLAYS at Harvard were piled on top of each other in the Adams House courtyard--actors, producers,

Cameron's Little Camera of Horrors

J AMES CAMERON WILL go down in film history as the pivotal figure of the '80s, unless something is done


T HE PROBLEM with being a non-conformist is that if you are successful at it, everyone wants to imitate you.

A Bat Out of Hell

Batman: The Dark Knight by Frank Miller with Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley Published monthly by DC Comics; $2.95 T

Humble Reflections

Blessings in Disguise By Alec Guinness Alfred A. Knopf 225 pages A LEC GUINNESS MADE a career of bringing dignity