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Stranger Than Fiction?

The following article first appeared on January 12, 1983. These are bleak times for Harvard undergraduates. While our friends at

Fight Fiercely Harvard

T HIRTY YEARS AGO, my father marched into Harvard Yard, threw his mortarboard into the air, and was welcomed to

Women in the Spotlight

For Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the semester that ends today was a time of ferment for one of

Arrest Ends Impostor's Escapades

The New York police last night arrested a young con artist whose year-long trail of deception took him through a

Freshman Memories

W hen Harvard students think back to freshman year, what are the first memories that come to mind? Sheldon H.

The Man Who Wasn't There

O n April 7, a United Press International reporter in Warsaw placed a telephone call to a 39-year-old electrician in

Veritas Between the Sheets

A GREAT MANY scenes at Harvard seem singularly well suited as backdrops for a novel. The gently rolling waters of


A NUMBER of professors stood behind their lecterns for their first classes of the semester last week and told the

No More Punchlines

O N A LARGE COLLEGE CAMPUS there are few universals in a student body's collective consciousness. To prove this fact

Faculty Loosens Rules On Off-Campus Courses

Harvard students will have an easier time next year receiving credit for off campus courses, but will find it slightly


Y OU COULD CALL Harvard physicist Sheldon Glashow a million-dollar baby in a five-and-ten cent store. Glashow, the Higgins Professor

Music Dept. Seeks To Mend Division

Harvard has made two tenure offers that officials hope will help unity the Music Department's two sharply split divisions and

Tying the Knot

I SEE IN YESTERDAY'S New York Sunday Times that Cintra Eglin went and set her nuptials for the spring with

When Scholars Come in Pairs

Edward Witten, a young Princeton scientist with an informal standing offer to join Harvard's Physics Department, is in a tricky

Naming Names

A good name is better than precious ointment Ecclesiastes 7 : 1 F ROM THE WORD GO, nomenclature has been