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The Search for Baruch

Probably one of the few persons in Widener who has a sigh of regret when the library closes at ten

The Scarborough Conference

The agreement reached at Lancaster House a few days ago has committed Great Britain to the rearming of Germany and

The Society of Fellows: II

While the Society of Fellows puts no restraints on a man's work, the members are charged when entering with a

The Society of Fellows: I

This coming Saturday the humanists will face the scientists in a contest for the softball supremacy of the intellectual world.

Circling the Square

Those who have ever seen a street sweeper's truck clanking around Cambridge at five in the morning know how archaic

Get Your Red Hots Here

The difference between a loosing and a winning season for a ball team is apparently not in the number of

The First Lady

When, in 1948, the time came to fill the newly created Zemurry-Stone Chair, the occupant had to be picked with

Lowell House Roebuck

If there is anything really worth deploring these days it is certainly the disappearance of Bert Scursey. The telephonic waggery

Floating Theatre

Most Harvard men will modestly concede that architecturally at least, Harvard "has it" over M.I.T. Since last May, however, theatre

Keeping Up with the Jones

Backed by almost four decades of teaching, a fistful of academic honors, and two-and-one-fourth inches of Widener catalogue cards, Howard

Far From the Madding Crowd

Julian Seymour Schwinger, thirty-five-year-old Professor of physics, has kept his life pretty much to himself. Since his seventeenth birthday, this

Pogo After Twelve

Michael Cahaly, a white mustached Syrian, has banked his fortunes on undergraduate caprice for the past twenty-five years. Together with

Louisburg Square

Every city has areas which are despair of the modern-minded civic engineer. Boston is no exception, for Beacon Hill has

Education and the Fifth Amendment

No person shall be held to answer for a capital or other infamous crime unless on presentation of indictment of

Club Henri IV

"On still nights," said Genevive MacMillan, the blonde propriatrice of Club Henri IV, "I can hear my bells from Harvard