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The Man Who Swam From Africa to Harvard

Anton N. Quist is hungry. This morning he woke up at 6 a.m., as usual, and cycled 40 miles, out


A fluorescent gloom pervades the courtroom for Criminal Business of the Third District Court of east Middlesex Country. The ceiling

Sun Worshippers

"I n houses with a south aspect, the sun's rays penetrate into the porticoes in the winter, but in summer


Except for one old man who spends the day fishing from a canoe on the reservoir, the entire town of

A Day With The CIRCUS

W hat do you remember about the circus? Maybe you remember gaudy costumes, or carved wooden emblazonry, or thick crowds,

Fixing Shoes the Old Fashioned Way

T he grey paint on the plywood floor has been worn away where Felix stands. Ranges of bare wood reveal

Not Too Sexy for These Cats

"S he's got a super, super body, broadness of chest, beautiful eyes, a gorgeous coat. Everything looks right on this

A Day at the Races

I n Manchester, New Hampshire, you can still find a Post Office Fruit Luncheonette with three men nursing coffees and

The What Is Done

The What Is To Be Done, the weekly journal of arts, entertainment and politics published by The Harvard Crimson since

A Matter of Trust

H AVE YOU EVER cheated on an exam at Harvard? Be honest. I'll bet you haven't. We hear over and

400 Protest War at Government Center

BOSTON--Some 400 protestors gathered in the early, gray dawn at Government Center yesterday to protest the United States attack on

Dissident, Genius and Countryman

Memoirs By Andrei Sakharov Alfred A. Knopf 773 pages; $29.95 Picture yourself seated in the garden of an elegant country

The Perils of Modern Publishing

I work at a newspaper, and if you dislike the few items of junkmail that turn up each day in

B-School Dormitory Burns

A fire broke out at a Business School dorm on Wednesday, but the Boston Fire Department was able to contain

'Don't Remind Me'

A H, MAY. The month of blooming flowers, walks along the Charles, singing birds. A time of joy and bliss,