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Better Than Mom and Apple Pie

Yearning For the Good Ol' Days For the Love of the Game Cynthia J. Wilber William Morrow and Company T

Chills, Thrills and Plenty of Sex

It has chills, thrills and more sex than one would have thought possible in a few hundred pages. Ken Follett

Other People's Money: Tales of the Street

It is a shame, William Coles remarks at the beginning of Other People's Money, that more plays are not devoted

Harvard in Repertory

Should Harvard actors devote themselves to a single theatrical endeavor? This question has acquired relevance with the founding of the

Minorities in Boston Arts

Does pressure for increased minority representation in the arts interfere with artistic freedom? In a recent editorial written for The

Once Again: A Book of Sequels

There are, I suspect, many budding sequel writers at Harvard. After viewing the fifth Rocky movie, students may be tempted

Unconventional Christmas

Three Christmas One-Acts Directed by Henry Bial At the Cabot House JCR Through December 15 Give director Henry Bial credit

Black C.A.S.T Production Realizes Ideal of `Young, Gifted and Black'

Although only two of her plays had been produced by her death at age 29, Lorraine Hansberry emerged as a

Chicago's Razzle-dazzle Fizzles

In all fairness, one must admit that Chicago director Beth Heller did not have the best material with which to

Cultures Clash at Club Venus

In the program distributed at performances of Club Venus, director Shelagh Kenney promises that student playwright Gabrielle Burton will "explore

Betrayed by Directorial Determinism

There's a lot of posturing in director Woody Hill's staging of Harold Pinter's Betrayal. Rather too much posturing, actually. Given

A Double-Dipped Coen

D ON'T see Miller's crossing if you enjoy sunshine. The latest offering from the creative duo Joel and Ethan Coen

Rameau's Nephew: Brilliant Invective

Rameau's Nephew By Denis Diderot Adapted by Andrei Belgrader & Shelley Berc Directed by Andrei Belgrader American Repertory Theater I

Telling Fairy Tales

As Stephen Sondheim discovered in his musical Into the Woods, updating a fairy tale presents some prickly challenges. The old-fashioned

Dramatic Giants Strindberg and Shaw Meet at ART

Is overt audience manipulation ever a viable substitute for theater? August Strindberg's The Father , now playing at the American