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Films Le Grand Theatre de Jean Renoir

Retrospective at the Orson Welles Cinema over the next two weeks. INRENOIR'S mature works every formal device brings the actors

Films A Tale Told by an Idiot RYAN'S DAUGHTER at the Charles Cinema till Doomsday

THE ENORMITY of it. Thirteen million Super Panavision dollars-it's like trying to describe a million-dollar tinted postcard. The stories about

Movies Another Counter-Revolutionary Film Bites the Dust

LEE LOCKWOOD, the photojournalist who did interview books with Fidel Castro and Eldridge Cleaver, will run a benefit show at

The Sophist Antonio das Mortes at Lowell House, 8 and 10 tonight

-Glauber Rocha, director of Antonio das Mortes, describing the style of William Faulkner. TO GET you to see this film,

More Bourgeois Films A Quiet Place in the Country and Leo the Last premiering at the Central Square Cinema

A QUIET PLACE in the Country opens in promisingly non-narrative fashion, throwing movie credits and Baroque paintings and Francis Bacon's

Movies The Sky Pirate at the Orson Welles Cinema

THE ORSON Welles's latest publicity flyer calls Sky Pirate "a picture of the highest quality, and one which represents the

Film The Wild Child

with "The Miracle Worker" at the Harvard Square Theatre tonight ON LEARNING that Arthur Penn was already making a film

Godard's 'Le Gai Savoir'

IN THE MIDDLE of Le Gai Savoir (1968) the word "exploration" is offered up for definition. Jean-Pierre Leaud, like Godard's

Film Ugetsu Mongatari at Emerson 105, 7 and 9:30 tonight

THE MEDIEVAL peasants who are the heroes of Ugetsu (1953) don't have to be complicated to become tragic figures. Like

The Moviegoer Topaz at the Harvard Square through tomorrow

YOU'RE sitting in the Harvard Square watching the newest Hitchcock and this dreadful Cold War rhetoric begins falling on you

No Headline

CHABROL'S subdued descriptions of situations work most strongly in the home. When the wife lies back on her bed she

The Moviegoer Shock Corridor at room 10-250, M.I.T., tonight, 8 and 10 p.m.

SAMUEL FULLER is probably the greatest social critic among America's film-makers. "Most people say [social contradictions] should be left to

The Moviegoer Sansho the Bailiff

at the Central Square January 21 through 28 "WITHOUT mercy a man is like a beast... All men are created

The Rock FreakGiant Step

AS HE GROWS Taj Mahal is achieving more by putting out less. From its first song his new album relaxes,

The Moviegoer The Testament of Dr. Mabuse at 2 Divinity Avenue tonight

FRITZ LANG'S most brilliant act was the creation of Dr. Mabuse. Esteemed psychologist, master-mind counterfeiter, Mabuse prowled fast society "to