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Did Mom Tell You About The Beanpot?

Your mother told you the day you unpacked the station wagon outside the dorm in the Yard that these would

Engineers Hand Icemen First Setback

Harvard hockey, in the midst of resurrecting a lost tradition, relived its best forgotten recent past when RPI goalie Kevin

Batsmen Lose EIBL Crown

INTERSTATE 90 --"Our finest lad is down!" "You killed the best in Ithaka."   Odyssey, XXII. 29-30 The curtain came down

Brandeis Punishes Crimson Nine, 7-5; Ten Walks Pace Judges to GBL Title

Ron Blomberg, Al Rosen and Richie Shienblum come to mind, but after them a good Jewish ballplayer is hard to

Clifford Chalks Up Two Wins, And So Do Batsmen; 11-4, 8-2

HANOVER, N.H.--They really haven't been playing baseball up in the wilds of New Hampshire for the past decade. The days

Batsmen Bombard Rhode Island, 12-5

Kingston. R.I.--The big story had flown in on wings of newsprint early yesterday morning. It was curt, but resounding with

Marshall Clouts HR; Quakers Fall, 11-9

It was the Jets and the Sharksbattling for Eastern League turf in high stirrups. The war clubs came out and

Batsmen Run Navy Aground, Sweep Doubleheader, 8-2, 3-1

ANNAPOLIS, Md.--They had survived the 8:40 a.m. Friday shuttle to Newark where two players took cuts at their air sickness

Tigers Upset Batsmen in Extra Innings

PRINCETON, N.J.--This one came in a quick, painful burst, and was held there by the chill of the long afternoon.

UMass Spoils Keyte's Five-Hitter, 4-1

AMHERST, Ma.--When you're the Harvard baseball team the rules of life are very simple. You do your club-thumping and winning

Icewomen Lose Beanpot Consols, 4-1

The ice world was thrown into disorder Saturday night. Northeastern won a Beanpot (3-1 over B.C.), and a Harvard hockey

Huskies Stop Icewomen, 4-0 In Women's Beanpot Opener

The lights went out in the Boston Arena in the second period. Northeastern advanced to the final round. And they

HARVARD HOCKEY: What Was (Is) the Story?

The zamboni of the mind is now at work. The magic machine that sweeps away the refuse of what's transpired

Yale Scores Five in Second, Nips Icemen, 6-5

NEW HAVEN, Ct.-- ...I wasn't watching the game too much. What I was really hanging around for, I was trying

CARYN CURRY: Basketball Star 'Plays Like a Man,' But Sparks Rise of Women's Sports

The pre-game warmup before any women's basketball game will tell the whole story. You see the sanitary socks, pulled high