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Engineers Hand Icemen First Setback

Harvard hockey, in the midst of resurrecting a lost tradition, relived its best forgotten recent past when RPI goalie Kevin

Batsmen Lose EIBL Crown

INTERSTATE 90 --"Our finest lad is down!" "You killed the best in Ithaka."   Odyssey, XXII. 29-30 The curtain came down

Brandeis Punishes Crimson Nine, 7-5; Ten Walks Pace Judges to GBL Title

Ron Blomberg, Al Rosen and Richie Shienblum come to mind, but after them a good Jewish ballplayer is hard to

Clifford Chalks Up Two Wins, And So Do Batsmen; 11-4, 8-2

HANOVER, N.H.--They really haven't been playing baseball up in the wilds of New Hampshire for the past decade. The days

Batsmen Bombard Rhode Island, 12-5

Kingston. R.I.--The big story had flown in on wings of newsprint early yesterday morning. It was curt, but resounding with

Marshall Clouts HR; Quakers Fall, 11-9

It was the Jets and the Sharksbattling for Eastern League turf in high stirrups. The war clubs came out and

Batsmen Run Navy Aground, Sweep Doubleheader, 8-2, 3-1

ANNAPOLIS, Md.--They had survived the 8:40 a.m. Friday shuttle to Newark where two players took cuts at their air sickness

Tigers Upset Batsmen in Extra Innings

PRINCETON, N.J.--This one came in a quick, painful burst, and was held there by the chill of the long afternoon.

UMass Spoils Keyte's Five-Hitter, 4-1

AMHERST, Ma.--When you're the Harvard baseball team the rules of life are very simple. You do your club-thumping and winning