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Massachusetts Sparring with Poverty

"The State and the Poor," edited by Samuel H. Beer and Richard E. Barringer. Winthrop Publishers, 329 pp. EVEN IN

Movies Love Story at the Cleveland Circle, possibly forever

DON'T be mean to Love Story, Maybe it's true what they argue around Nini's, maybe there is a Harvard just

The Square As You Like It

Open 8 to 12 daily, or at least until the new shingle arrives. AS WAS freely predicted from the start,

The Politics of Money

I "HARVARD AND MONEY," a thin green booklet released yesterday by the Committee on Governance, touches all the bases but

Moynihan Rejects U. N. Post; To Return After All

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the President's counsel on urban affairs, has refused the post of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Foreign Policy The Vatican Vision

IN A PERFUNCTORY bid for the Catholic vote, Richard Nixon stopped off at the Vatican on his European tour and

The Galbraith Dimension

WHO NEEDS THE DEMOCRATS?,Galbraith, Doubleday and Company. 86 pages. IN THE leadership vacuum of the Democratic Party, it is not

Books Walzer's Obligations

IN THE sacerdotal days of moral philosophy, political ethics was a self-confident teleology of actor and attitude. Now it is

Harvard Meetings and Movements

FOR WITLESS pedantry it is difficult to match the Faculty's empty condemnation of the war last Tuesday. Their vote ignored