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In Defense of the Fifties

I N her admirable battle to "stop bigotry and racism" at Harvard, Assistant Dean for Minority Affairs and Race Relations

Heckler Bounced

BOSTON--Edward K. Stimpson '89 said he "was pushed and shoved" out of Vice President George Bush's rally in East Boston

Reagan's Legacy Continues

NEW ORLEANS--There are some Republicans here who would like to carve Ronald Reagan's image into Mt. Rushmore along with Washington,

Malone Campaigns at Convention; Will Challenge Kennedy for Seat

NEW ORLEANS--Joe Malone '78 is a hero here. When he introduced himself to the Republican National Convention Wednesday as the

Schlafly the Homemaker

Y OU'LL find Phyllis Stewart Schlafly in Radcliffe's alumnae directory, tucked in between an environmental educator named Schirmer and an

Grand Old Party Parties

NEW ORLEANS--The Democrats may still win the White House, but the Republicans were the big winners when they selected New

What the Bible Says

D ID you know fundamentalist Christians have been "directed by God to represent him in every area of life"? Had

Bush and the Vision Thing

W HILE President Reagan was on another California vacation, while Vice President George Bush was fishing in Wyoming, the Democrats

Jackson Supporters Look to Future

ATLANTA--Only hours after losing to Governor Michael S. Dukakis, supporters of the Rev. Jesse Jackson were meeting, planning for the

GOP 'Truth Squad' Arrives

ATLANTA--While Democrats inside the Omni Center are lambasting Vice President George Bush, a group of Republican lawmakers is in town

New Graduate Caprio Votes For Dukakis

ATLANTA--On Super Tuesday, Frank T. Caprio '88 was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Rhode Island.

Now That the Gipper's Going...

ATLANTA--In Thomasville, North Carolina, some folks wish President Reagan could run for reelection. They like the Gipper, and they aren't

Of Democratic Party Protests, Politics and Partying

ATLANTA--It's really just a formality. On Wednesday evening, delegates at the Democratic National Convention here will make Massachusetts Gov. Michael

Slashing Civil Rights

A FTER making great strides in the 1960's and 1970's, the nation is now "moving backward" in civil rights, a

Preaching Donkeys

"M OST Americans would be surprised to learn that God is a Republican," a bitter Walter Mondale said in 1984