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Fencers Take Fourth Place in Nationals

Amid some questionable changes in the NCAA competition format, the Harvard fencing team finished the three-day tournament this weekend in

Fencers Lose To Yale, 14-13; Viita's Last Bout Splendid

The varsity fencing team ended its season on a dismal note Saturday losing its match to Yah on the last

Fencers Whip Big Red For First League Win

The varsity fencing team surprised themselves and the Cornell fencers as they thrashed the Big Red, 21-6. in Ithaca Saturday.

Varsity Foilers Challenge Cornell In Crucial Match This Afternoon

Near the beginning of the season, the varsity fencing team had dreams of finishing in first place. Those dreams were

Marty Goes Wrestling With the Champ; It's No Fun When You're Down and Out

We stood looking at each other: occasionally Jim Abbott would grunt, I would snarl. Then with lightning speed. I grabbed

Swordsmen Face Brandeis In an Easy Match Tonight

After losing its third successive Ivy League match the varsity fencing team travels to Brandies University tonight for its seventh

Crimson Fencers Fall to Tigers: Harvard Loses Third Ivy Match

The varsity fencing team came close but could not win more than two bouts at foil, and so lost its

Fencers Take On Princeton Today; Crimson Must Stop Tigers Foilers

Last week, the Crimson fencing team faced one of the defending Ivy League co-champions, and lost badly. This afternoon. Princeton,

All-American Cetrulo Nearly Losses To Upstart, Paunchy Sports Reporter

The score stood tied, 2-2, and I had All-American saberman Larry Cetrulo on the run. He was obviously seared; after