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Interview with a Colonel The Number Two Man Behind the Greek Coup

Stylianos Pattakos is the number two man in Greece. A member of the original triumvirate which took power in the

Repression Greece's Anniversary

TODAY is the third anniversary of the coup death in Greece. On that night, two unknown Greck colonels and a

The Molly Maguires

at the Astor THE MOLLY MAGUIRES goes much farther than any motion picture in a long time in describing America's

The Moviegoer Z at Exeter St. Theatre indefinitely

Z TRIES to succeed in more ways than it can. As a drama. it is a work of art-fast-paced and

The Filmgoer The Henry Miller Odyssey

THE IDEA of having a documentary about Henry Miller may seem questionable considering he is alive and well in California.

D. C. Protest Generally Peaceful; Over 250,000 Demand End To War

(Special to the CRIMSON) WASHINGTON, D.C.- More than a quarter of a million people- the largest anti-war gathering in U.

Faculty-Student Group Issues Discipline Report; Powers of Deans Defined

A subcommittee of the Committee of 15 has issued a formal Memorandum clarifying the joint power of the subcommittee and

The MoviegoerThe Wages of Fear

Tonight and Friday at 8 and 10 p. m. in the Kirkland House Dining Room THE PERENNIAL success of Hitchcock

Friends at 2 Divinity Avenue tonight

FRIENDS, which was written, produced, and directed by former M.I.T. student Filippe Herba, is well worth seeing because it says

Ivy League Schools Hold Anti-War Marches, Rallies

Moratorium participation was high at other Ivy League schools, with very few classes held and large numbers turning out for

Many Graduate Classes Called Off For October 15 Vietnam Protest

Graduate School student and faculty members are making preparations for anti-war activity during the Oct. 15 Vietnam Moratorium. A survey

New Massachusetts Law Outlaws Possession of Firearms On Campus

Students possessing firemarnis on campus without written authorization are now subject to prosecution by the court as well as the

SF AC Suggests Funds Committee

In its last meeting of the year, the Student-Faculty Advisory Council yesterday unanimously passed a resolution asking the Committee of

Pierrot Le Fou

A WRITER from Paris in the Atlantic Monthly a while ago lamented upon the scarcity of exceptional literary talent in

CAB Might Eliminate Youth Fare

Youth fare faces possible elimination by the Civil Aeronautics Board next month. Unless the CAB overturns a Hearing Examiner's decision,