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Art Frank Stella At the Museum of Modern Art until May 31

THE QUESTION of what to paint continually haunts a contemporary artist. The monumental canvases of recent years have been stripped

Bator Advocates More Art Trade

With a panel from the American Society of International Law, Paul M. Bator, professor of Law, is presently devising methods

Art The Year 1200

A Centennial Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art February 12-May 10, 1970 AGAINST a blank museum wall, two broken

The Gallerygoer Ben Shahn As Photographer

at the Fog Art Museum through December 14 THE documentary photography of the 1930's minutely recording filthy faces and ragged

Rembrandt Rembrandt: Experimental Etcher at the Museum of Fine Arts through Nov. 7

IN A dimly lighted room of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts a lady pointed her glove at two almost

Minor Confrontation

T N SUMMER when the city begins to steam and the mind juggles thoughts of green and blue, museums and

Daumier Sculpture

A LL QUESTIONS concerning the ambiguous world of Daumier sculpture have been snatched away from a dusty drawer of art

Kirchner Retrospective

E RNST LUDWIG KIRCHNER paints a girl's face like a summer lime. Blue cheek bones, black and red eyes. Smearing

Delacroix to Degas

I MAGES FROM a Gothic novel haunt the second floor of Hilles Library in a strange set of 19th century