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AmericaDropping Out

BEFORE DECEMBER 1, those of us who talked about dropping out didn't dare do it. We spoke of it as

You, Too, Can Be Santa's Little Helper

IT IS DISMAL here now, and despite the weather and time of year, it shouldn't be. It's supposed to be

Soc Rel Grad Students Overturn Traditional Friday Cocktail Party

Talcott Parsons, professor of Sociology, walked into the Soc Rel sherry party yesterday afternoon and said, with significant experiential overtones,

On the Far Side of the Monument

It rises against the sky without any respect for anyone, defying human perception. Look at it: it is only an

From the Shelf The Making of a Counter Culture

CRISIS. I have considered myself a radical since last winter, and a revolutionary since last April: a "cultural" revolutionary, as

Harvard New College Has Begun-Again

A LOT of strange events took place in the wake of the occupation and bust last spring. One of the


I SIT stripped to the waist on an operating table. The dermatologist walks in. "Hi, Doc." He peers at my

40 Seniors Will Burn Diplomas, Walk Out

At least 40 seniors in Eliot House are planning to burn their diplomas and walk out of commencement exercises on

End of Obscentiy

A FRIEND of mine recently wrote a story about a guy who drives himself crazy because three girls in a