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Pesticides at Harvard

FEDERAL agencies are currently investigating the possibility that two pesticides the Buildings and Grounds Department regularly uses may cause birth

Eclipse Awes Viewers Hereandin Nantucket

As the shadow of the moon moved across Cambridge Saturday, birds fell out of trees in confusion and church bells

?? Blotted Out-From the Sky

??EN A SOLAR eclipse whipped ?? ancient Asia in 585 B. C., the ?? and the Lydians supposedly ?? a

Hickel Names First Woman Aquanaut; Mrs. Earle To Live On Ocean Floor

Woman astronauts may be a long time coming, but five women, including a Harvard botanist, will be living on the

Computer Committee Suggests Lower Rates

A committee appointed by President Pusey last Spring has proposed several financial guidelines for the Harvard Computing Center that might

Harvard Astronomers Prepare For Eclipse

With exactly one month left before New England's last total eclipse of the century, two teams of Harvard astronomers are

Harvard Astronomer Is Second Man To Calculate Course of Meteorite

For the second time in the history of astronomy, the orbit of a meteorite has been calculated to extend out

Meselson Engaged to Study Defoliant Effect on Vietnam

The country's largest scientific society has asked Matthew S. Meselson, professor of Biology, to plan a study of herbicide and

Boston Scientists' Meeting to Hear Student Criticism

A group of Harvard and M.I.T. students has planned a symposium entitled "The Sorry State of Science-A Student Critique" for

Harvard Team Isolates The Gene

A team of scientists at the Harvard Medical School has succeeded in isolating a single gene-the basic unit of heredity.

Harvard Dining Halls End Use of Cyclamates Today

The Harvard dining halls are phasing out their use of fruit drinks containing calcium cyclamate-an artificial sweetener which has been

Harvard Outpost Watches Sun

After two months in orbit 300 miles above the earth, an automatic telescope designed and assembled at the Harvard College

The Moonviewer Lunar Dust

"The Moon Show" at Hayden Gallery. M. I. T., through October 19. AFTER $24 billion in production costs and a

Harvard Scientists Study Apollo Moon Rocks

Moon dust, scaled in plastic bottles, has arrived at Harvard from NASA's Lunar Receiving Laboratory in Houston. Four researchers here

Why Not Let the Forests Burn?

T HE SUMMER of 1968 was Alaska's worst fire season in ten years: forest fires burned close to a million