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B RAZIL IS notorious for its continuous political upheavals and its rigid censorship, but its filmmakers are now in the

Ruby Ha Ha

A S MOVIES GET more and more scholarly attention, the audience becomes more highly educated, upper-middle-class, intellectual, leaving the All

Wired for Success

T HERE'S A SLEW of intriguing questions left unanswered even after the finalstring-tying pages of The Terminal Man. Who will


I N MY ADAMS HOUSE bathroom I have two towels; not Gordon Linen, but "B rough of Camden." They come

A State of Welfare

I I N ENGLAND old-age pensioners--OAPs-- get all kinds of benefits in addition to their rather meager pensions. During non-rush

Film-Makers Plan Boston Newsreel

Four local film-makers are currently shooting a pilot film and raising funds for a fortnightly Boston-area newsreel scheduled to begin

Barrie P.

B ARRIE PATTISON--for several months I visited him once or twice a week in his little room before I realized

Doctor Scott

D UBIOUS ASSUMPTIONS lie under the most tantalizing metaphors, works of art, philosophical arguments. Last summer my boss, a journalist,

What Every Girl Wants

I N THE forties, I thought, people went to movies they could believe in--in both senses. There were the old