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Egg in Your Beer

(The author of this article, a former CRIMSON sports writer, new covers local high school games for the Boston Post,

Unknown Assailants Attack HYD Pamphlet Distributor

George W. Stocking '49, still limping and wearing broken glasses, will file assault complaints today with Dean Bender and the

Smart Navigates Star In Bid for Olympics

Investors in equine enterprise often use the term boat race to suggest certainly of outcome. In Star Class boat racing,

Tough Crimson Competition Chisels Candidate into Experienced Editor

In one respect the National Association of Manufacturers, the Boy Scouts of America Inc., the Cambridge Platonists, and the moguls

Stick-up Cleans Coop

Four armed bandits plus a driver of their getaway car pulled a daring daylight robbery this morning of the Harvard

Egg In Your Beer

Almost platitudinous has become the legend of the handicapped youth that makes good over all obstacles. Biographies of bank presidents,

'Subversive' Rulings Get Frosty Reception from University

Reactions to the "totalitarian, fascist, communist, or subversive" organization list released from Washington Thursday were mixed in local College quarters

Lining Them Up

Paradoxical plenty confronts Varsity swimming Coach Hal Ulen these days as he watches his men plowing up and down Indoor

Egg In Your Beer

Deer hunters blunderbuss their way through the woods these days bagging an occasional stag, a whiskey flask, and if lucky,