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Faculty Votes To Raise Termbill to $35

After several months of meetings with President Neil L. Rudenstine and other members of the Central Administration, the Faculty of

Faculty Council Votes For Term Bill Increase

The Faculty Council voted at its meeting yesterday to recommend that the Faculty raise the Undergraduate Council's optional term-bill fee

Renovated MAC Could House Student Groups

As part of a University-wide initiative to increase physical space available to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), student

Will A Harvard Professor Go To Washington?

Baker Professor of Economics Martin S. Feldstein, has been teaching the dismal science at Harvard for over 30 years. Eighteen

First Faculty Meeting Emphasizes Seminars

The Faculty discussed possibly revamping the Freshmen Seminar program and the current dearth of Core classes at yesterday's full Faculty

New NIH Policy Protects Human Subjects in Research

New government policies requiring ethics education for research scientists could create administrative headaches for the University. A new National Institutes

Expanding the Freshman Seminar Program

They were Harvard's solution to the problem of student faculty-interaction. In 1963, the University offered freshman seminars--" experiments designed to

Freshman Seminar Changes Considered

The Faculty Council discussed a proposal to expand Freshman Seminar course offerings and allow those classes to count for concentration

Faculty Reinstates Death Notices

After much heated debate, an overwhelming majority of the Faculty voted yesterday to reinstate the sending of "black bordered cards"