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Under New Management

The first 100 days of a U.S. president's term are traditionally used as a barometer of the future efficacy of

Pursued By A Monstrous Image Of His Own Creation

No student complaints were ever recorded about the 6'5" monstrosity that wandered the campus between 1947 and 1951. Frederick H.

Some Financial Aid Students to Receive Ticket Vouchers

The Undergraduate Council’s “Financial Aid for Student Tickets Resolution” will take effect next year, thanks to $10,000 donations from the

Wage Committee Reps Picked

Benjamin L. McKean ’02 and Matthew Milikowsky ’02 were chosen last night in Loker Commons to serve on the Katz

Council Picks Band, Plans 'Fallfest'

Last night at the Undergraduate Council’s final meeting of the year, the council confirmed the Harvard Concert Commission’s (HCC) choice

Ad Hoc Positions Empower Council

The Undergraduate Council will be given an unprecedented opportunity to affect University-wide policy this week when it selects two undergraduate

Council Debates How To Spend New Funds

The Undergraduate Council will have 75 percent more money next year-with the term bill increasing from $20 to $35-and now

Council Endorses Aid for Student Event Tickets

Last night, the Undergraduate Council unanimously passed its "Financial Aid for Student Tickets Resolution," designed to help low-income students pay