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Courage and the Restic Letters

They've seen it on every locker room wall: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." But the message

Tough Guys

N O CHARACTER in a George Higgins novel ever knowingly purchased a product made in Finland, ate a spinach salad,

Where the Heart Is

H OMETOWN is about Hamilton, Ohio. But, as Peter Davis fairly screams early on Hometown is really about America, not

A French Quiche

E SPECIALLY AT the Pudding. No one needs more bad news--the President said today the Grenadians--the Grenadians!--are spreading subversion throughout

The Trouble With Vietnam

L IKE A DISEASE out of remission, the Vietnam malignancy returned to television screens last Saturday, as dangerous and insidious

The Day The News Died

T HE DAILY NEWS--the gritty, inky, legendary tabloid of New York City--is dying. The demise has not yet been announced

America's Information Junkie

Michael Barone '66 says The Almanac of American Politics was born one night in 1963 at a reception for newly

Gridders Hit Stride--A Little Too Late

PROVIDENCE, R.I.--In the giddy clamor of the Harvard locker room after Saturday's 41-7 rout of Brown, one idea lingered uneasily

Ivy-Hopeless Gridders Travel to Brown Today

Harvard-Brown has turned into the best rivalry in the Ivy League, with last-minute drives, dramatic reverses and unexpected heroics the