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Discontent About Kennedy Library

There were murmurings of discontent in Cambridge this week as City officials and community leaders voiced reservations about preliminary plans

Liberals Collide in Left-Center Field In State and Local Elections

T HE race for State Representative in the Second Middlesex District (Wards Five, Six and Eight in Cambridge, containing most

New City Council Endures a Chaotic Year

... In the beginning and the end--and much of the middle--there was politics. There were also the perennial issues of

Kirkland, Mather 'A' Crews Meet Today for House Crown

Kirkland and Mather House "A" boats head a field of five House crews that will clash on the Charles this

N. H. Headquarters Calm As Ballots Are Counted

MANCHESTER, N.H.--Headquarters here were deserted last night as candidates, press and campaign workers retired to ballrooms and press lounges throughout


" E stes Kefauver was the most authentic--and most successful--maverick in American political history." So begins Joseph Bruce Gorman's biography

A Few Hurrahs for '72

A casual history of the Kennedy Administration tells us that "Camelot" could not have been without Cambridge. John F. Kennedy

HVD-Young Lawyers and the Indigent

WITH this motto gracing last year's annual report, the Harvard Voluntary Defenders (HVD), founded in 1949 "to render free legal

The Thwarting of the Pentagon

THE STORY of David and Goliath teaches that the forces of Evil, no matter how strong, always succumb to the