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Faculty Rejects Fleming Proposal To Reinstitute Thesis Deadline

In one of its most heated sessions in recent years, the Faculty yesterday voted 64 to 51 to retain the

Pusey Stops Plan to Build Dorm Near JFK Library

University officials have refused to allot more land to the Kennedy library because they object strongly to Kennedy family plans

Pusey Rebuts Sayre Claim On Teachers

President Pusey said last night that people "often miss the point that the university community is the best place for

David Owen to Retire as Master, Plans to Teach After Sabbatical

David E. Owen will retire as Master of Winthrop House at the end of the academic year, it was announced

Schlesinger Resigns to Write History of JFK Administration

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. '38 resigned yesterday as a Special Assistant to President Johnson. He will leave the White House

Contact Lost With African PBH Mission

Worried Phillips Brooks House officials said last night that they were still unable to make contact with seven Harvard Radcliffe

Doty Report Delayed Until April By 'Tortuous' Gen Ed Discussions

The Faculty Committee to Review General Education will not be ready to present a report until at least April, Paul

Pusey Says University To Push JFK Library

"The University will not involve itself in any efforts to obtain money for memorials of John F. Kennedy that will

Faculty Will Retain CLGS For 1963-64

The Faculty has agreed to continue the liberalized requirements for the degree of Cum Laude in General Studies that were

Corporation to Consider Naming House for JFK

President Pusey said yesterday that "there is a certain attractiveness" to the proposal to name the Tenth House after John

Complex to Save Space for Foreigners

Apartments will be reserved in the Married Student Housing complex for foreign students and others who do not arrive in

Dean Warns About Illegal Chain Letter

The Administration acted yesterday to head off a chain letter scheme involving the purchase of Series E Savings Bonds from

Ford Expects Revolution In '100' Courses

Dean Ford predicted yesterday that the new graduate fellowship program could lead to a "quiet revolution in undergraduate teaching," involving

Mrs. Bunting Not Alarmed By Parietals

President Bunting said yesterday that she has "no cause for unusual concern" about the activities of Radcliffe girls in Harvard

Tenth House Not to Be At MTA Yards

The College has given up all plans to construct the sorely-needed Tenth House on the Bennett St. MTA Yards, President