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Director of JFK Library Rebuts Hunt Allegations

The director of the Kennedy Library yesterday debunked claims that researchers working on behalf of the Library had covered up

Lightbulb Eaters Spread Hobby Here

Thirty-four years to the day after Lothrop Withington, Jr. '42 downed a live goldfish before onlookers in the Freshman Union,

McCord's Attorney Sees Revelations By Howard Hunt

New breaks in the Watergate case may come from E. Howard Hunt, one of the currently silent conspirators, a lawyer

Sources on Nixon Staff Insist Administration Is Not Split

WASHINGTON--Despite widespread news stories that the White House staff has split into feuding camps over the Watergate affair, two Nixon

Watergate Is Wide Open

When five men awkwardly surrendered in the Watergate apartment complex late last Spring, no one would have guessed that ten

Libertarians, Socialists Debate Government

Spokesmen for vastly different ideologies met to debate forced transfers of income last night, and quickly fell back on opposing

Group Asks Students to Write More 'Socially Useful' Papers

A group sponsored by Quakers has asked Harvard students to make their studies "socially useful" by shifting paper topics to

Reject All Subsidies

[The following represents a dissenting opinion on the issue of Federal funding for Harvard.] T HE GRAVY TRAIN is ending,

SAE and Beer Are Back 'In'

A four year ebb in the membership of Harvard's only fraternity reversed itself with a flood of new members last