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If you discount the upper windows of Wigglesworth--which is not such a good idea in the spring--the only building opening

JAMES RESTON A Reporter's Way of Thinking

James Reston entered journalism of a golf. This is interesting because he was a very good golfer, and, to start

Right Up Your Alley

About two o'clock yesterday afternoon it occured to me I was going to get to be the first person to

Negro Student Accepts Final Club Membership

The Spee Club has elected a Negro, Frank M. Snowden '68, of Eliot House and Washington, D.C. He is believed


If John Lithgow weren't the star of this show it wouldn't be worth seeing. He is. It is. See it.

The Tempest

Wow. Tim Mayer and his company have taken The Tempest by storm. Designers Eric Martin and William Carter have built


Robert Ginn has chosen a good play and done pretty well by it. So has his east. No one--not even

Duel of Angels

Any play that in this day and age begins, "What would you like, sir? "--"What would I like Joseph? I

Problem Postponed

The House of Representatives is apparently going to allow the 800,000 citizens of the District of Columbia a mayor, a

Harvard Drama Thrives on Limitation

I had an English teacher once who said that the reason for writing poetry with rhyme and meter was that

Two Comedies

It has been alleged that John Lithgow is a giraffe. Those who maintain this position malign his genius. He is

Just A Quiet Note

One minute after Joel Schwartz's Just a Quiet Note begins, Isabel gives herself a fix. Since the fact of dope

Treason at West Point

Somebody could write a fabulous play about Benedict Arnold. James A. Culpepper hasn't. Treason at West Point never gets beyond

The Threepenny Opera

About halfway through The Threepenny Opera last night, Susan Channing walked out onto Aggassiz stage to sing. She plays Jenny--Lotte

Eastward Ho

Humor in the theatre depends on timing, timing on confidence, confidence on applause. An actor who misses his first laugh