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Bush's Ally in Albany

I T IS A grim scene. Due to years of optimistic forecasting and late-night compromising, the budget is more out

The Big Lie

M ORE THAN one hundred thousand people dead. A nation without water, sewage, power: the United Nations says the scene

Let Bygones Be Bygones

If they ever write a book about us, you can be sure they will call it The Unmaking of the


Edmund Wilson has written of the magazine Life that he cannot recognize his country in it, and that is exactly

Henry IV, Part One

At last Danel Seltzer's Falstaff has entered the present cycle of undergraduates, and if you listen to wise talk, you

Tickle Me Pink

It is disquieting to be pulled suddenly out of the middle of a thesis and sat down in the middle

The Pageant of Awkward Shadows

It was a clever notion to draw a play from Chaucer's Clerk's Tale, for there is a nice dramatic development

The Advocate

Mother Advocate now shines from the newsstands 64 pages big, prettily disguising her prodigious fatness in gay covers, blue, white

The Harvard Review

A perceptible if somewhat spookily mysterious smell of excitement hovered about Lowell House last March, as the SSMTRHG (UNN) clambered